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Our luxury shampoo bar is the perfect addition to your hair care routine. Unlike most shampoo bars on the market, we use NO SULFATES OR PARABENS in our product! Only vitamins and minerals from nature to nourish your hair!

Are you looking for a salon quality, Eco-friendly alternative for your hair? Look no further! Our Tea Tree Shampoo bar helps to clean the scalp of built up and wax left behind from other shampoos and hair products. The perfect hydrating shampoo for those with dry scalp or even oil issues. Each bar will last approximately 4 months, for shoulder length hair. Tea Tree is a great addition for those with a desire for more scalp stimulation and hair growth. Made with high quality natural ingredients and vitamin B. You will immediately notice how soft and clean your hair feels when using this product. Our Tea Tree Blend is great for those who struggle with dry or flaky scalp and also those who have oily hair and scalp. Avoid if you have blond hair dye as tea tree can affect the tone.


This product helps to reduce plastic waste! In the US alone, over 550 million empty shampoo bottles are thrown away every year. We are pleased to offer you a product that truly makes a difference in your hair and the planet.

Tea Tree | Shampoo Bar

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